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  get a great guy guideGet A Great Guy Guide: Make men love you while avoiding time wasting jerks!

This comprehensive guide covers every aspect of attraction and dating, and gives definitive step-by-step advice about every facet of your dream relationship, including getting a guy's attention, developing attraction and a relationship, and making him love you, trust you, share his thoughts (and his heart), and ultimately commit to you.

Written by Mirabelle Summers
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  commitment"How Commitment Works For Men"

To create this special report, has performed an anonymous survey of over 400 of its male readers - ranging in age from 17 through to over 70 (with the majority falling between 25-55) - on their beliefs, fears, wants, and needs. The result is an evocative snapshot of what men are looking for in women and relationships, and what essential characteristics you must possess or develop if you want him to see you as "The One".
  goodbye shy"Goodbye, Shy - How to Overcome Shyness"

Read and discover the five most powerful techniques to shift those feelings of shyness away. The result? You’ll rekindle your relationship with the real you: the woman who is confident, calm, and charismatic around the men you’re attracted to...
  control emotions"How to Control Your Emotions Around Men"

This Special Report is centered around the fulcrum of emotions, and how they affect your interactions and successes with men, both in the dating pool and when in a more ‘serious relationship.’

It covers all the essential emotional pointers for women – from preventative actions to what you can do to maximize your skills in this area – and how that information can be used to your best advantage with men and relationships at large.

  mistakes"5 Mistakes Not to Make After a Breakup"

In this Special Report, Amy Waterman explains 5 major breakup mistakes that will jeopardize – if not outright end – any possibility of getting back together with your ex. She discusses each one in detail and supplies you with examples and practical tips on how to deal with a breakup appropriately if you want any chance of him missing you, and wanting you back....

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  "Dating Innovations - How to solve your frustrations with men and unleash your authentic attractiveness"

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  issue 1Ultimate Attraction Transformation Series

I understand that with Ultimate Attraction Transformation Series, each month I'll discover life-changing tips and strategies to attracting and keeping the quality man of my dreams as well as empowerment advice, healthy lifestyle tips, relationship maintenance, interviews with dating experts, and specific intimacy issues all answered in each action-packed issue!

I understand that there is no other product on the market like this, and that I will receive the first edition today for free. If I choose to stay on as an Ultimate Attraction Transformation Series member, I will be charged $37 per month for each new issue for as long as I decide to remain a member. I can cancel at any time.

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mirabelle summers

Mirabelle Summers & the Meet Your Sweet team

"The Get A Great Guy Guide is like a breath of fresh air"

emily mckay"Mirabelle Summers and the team at MeetYourSweet really have the right idea. The Get A Great Guy Guide is like a breath of fresh air to women everywhere who are tired of the same old excuses perpetrated by the same old dating advice out there. I can just imagine women all over the world leaving their frustrating dating lives in the dust and becoming empowered to let their beauty shine from within. Great men of the world, watch out... a new kind of fabulous woman is headed your way!"

-- Emily McKay, X & Y Communications,

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