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connect and commitConnect And Commit - Taking Things To The Next Level Of Commitment

The comprehensive interactive audio course plus comprehensive book about how to create and maintain commitment in your relationship.

Written by Amy Waterman

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"The Secret of Staying Together: How to Create a Committed Long-Term Relationship" with Richard Wheeler
Clinical psychologist Richard Wheeler shares his hard-won wisdom about what it takes to make a committed relationship work in this hour-long audio interview with Amy Waterman......He suggests that making a commitment may ask you to step off the fast track into the slow lane, and he offers techniques to re-awaken the spark in a stagnant relationship......


"Your Commitment Questions Answered" with Richard Wheeler
Find out what makes one person commit to another, why some men are afraid of commitment, what you should do if your partner flatly refuses to consider marriage, how to tell a woman you're interested without scaring her off, how someone can think they're committed to you while having an affair on the side, and much more......


Communication Secrets For A Strong Long-Term Relationship - with Renee Piane
In this indepth interview with Renee Piane you'll learn:

  • What you need to talk about before you move in together.
  • The differences between male and female communication styles.
  • How to stop nagging and start sharing.
  • How to express criticism without being hurtful.
  • How to create change in your relationship without being demanding.
  • How to show your mate love in the way they like best.
  • What you need to consider before you decide to stick with a relationship that isn't working out...

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How To Reignite & Maintain Long-Term Attraction - with Marie Forleo
WARNING: Are you making these mistakes in your relationship?

  • Letting things get way too serious.
  • Letting the sex slide.
  • Not talking about things when they bother you.
  • Having an unhappy attitude on life.
  • Giving up on looking good just because you’re older.
  • Spending time with your mate without really “being there.”

If any of these mistakes ring a bell, go and listen immediately to my 42-minute audio interview with Fox Online Life Coach Marie Forleo. Your relationship can stay hot no matter how long you’ve been together, if you follow Marie’s advice!


How To Get What You Want Out Of Life: A Simple Solution - with Mark Joyner
Need some help with sorting your life out? Then you need success guru Mark Joyner, author of Simplology: The Simple Science of Getting What You Want....... Mark reveals his scientific formula for success and shows you how to apply the 5 Laws of Simpleology to relationships. Stop feeling confused and start seeing clearly! Find a clear path through the twists and turns of love by using the “simple” solution Mark provides in this 40-minute interview.

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  issue 1 for menUltimate Attraction Transformation Series

I understand that with Ultimate Attraction Transformation Series, each month I'll discover life-changing tips and strategies to attracting and keeping the quality woman of my dreams as well as empowerment advice, healthy lifestyle tips, relationship maintenance, interviews with dating experts, and specific intimacy issues all answered in each action-packed issue!

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Dr Lee Baucom, Ph.D., says this about "Connect And Commit"

Lee Baucom Amy, you have created an EXCELLENT source for anyone ready to make the next move in commitment. I would guess upward of 70% of "committed" relationships don't truly understand the nature of commitment. You have provided a great guide for those wanting to deepen commitment from any point of a relationship!

I love the "commitment timeline." It matches my own findings, and validates the research. It also provides a path through the chaos someone can feel in the midst of the tough stages. I also found your research into why people have difficulties with making a commitment to be excellent and helpful. It doesn't always take years of counseling to figure out our issues when someone can gently point them out!

And, yes, sometimes a relationship becomes committed for the WRONG reasons! That is an area you cover well! The best way to make a relationship work is to make sure it is with the RIGHT person for the RIGHT reason. And you help people to untangle that web!

If someone is truly ready to explore how a commitment happens, and how it can work (and what can destroy it), you have provided THE GUIDE! It should be mandatory reading for people considering deeper commitment. . . and definitely for anyone preparing to marry.


Lee H. Baucom, Ph.D.

If you have any questions about 'Connect And Commit', don't hesitate to contact us using the link on the homepage.  I look forward to hearing of your success with the 'Connect And Commit' program.


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