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"Ultimate Attraction Transformation Series: Edition One - The Big Questions"

  • Our favorite dating coach, Marie Forleo, answers all your dating questions with her trademark refreshing, spunky, ‘no B.S.’ approach.
  • Learn how to make authenticity work for you!
  • Discover exactly why you need to relax more around men (hint: ‘trying harder’ doesn’t work any more!)
  • Relationship management: how to keep things getting fresher and happier, each and every day

Have you ever wanted to have the big questions answered POINT-BLANK about men? Do you want to completely reshape your success and happiness with the opposite sex … from the ground floor up? Do you want to learn how to STOP wasting your time following rules and manipulative ‘techniques’ … and learn how to embrace your own, authentic, glorious potential?

In short: do you want to learn how to ‘be yourself’ … and have that actually work for you?

Edition One: ‘The Big Questions’: is exactly that: the first step towards answering all your ‘square one’ questions about male psychology, how men work, and how to attract the RIGHT man for the REAL you. It’s not about just changing your success with men, but completely transforming it.

  "Exclusive Audio Interviews with Dating Experts"
  • Ultimate Attraction Interview:Your Biggest Dating Questions
    Hosted by Amy Waterman with Special Guest Marie Forleo

  • Ultimate Attraction Interview: Girl Talk
    with Mirabelle Summers and Amy Waterman

Plus - I'll also receive the following special bonus!

  "Sealed Section: Getting Physical - Tips for Gals"

Online seductress Amy Waterman tells all in this no-holds-barred exclusive where you can read and learn the fundamentals of how sexual attraction works, why men are programmed to find women attractive, plus 3 must-have sex tips to get you (and him) in the mood!

Get answers and tips to those questions you have always wanted to ask, courtesy of Meet Your Sweet's answer to Tracey Cox. This inaugural issue of "Getting Physical - Tips For Gals," a regular Ultimate Attraction Series feature each month, is a must-read for all gals who are serious about turning up the heat!


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