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Date: July 01, 2024
From: Slade Shaw

Dear Friend,

Before sharing with you the secrets to becoming a vibrant, supremely self confident person who is ultra attractive to the opposite sex, I have a few questions that I'd like to ask you....

Have you ever seen someone from across the room that you really like, or who you'd really love to meet.... but were too overwhelmed by fear and nervousness to go over and start a conversation?

Have you ever felt like you don't deserve the kind of person that you are REALLY attracted to, and as a result always settle for second best?

Have you ever felt yourself shaking with self-consciousness when you are talking to someone that you've got a crush on? Lost your words? Can't be your best self?

Have you ever been in a relationship where you got emotionally insecure and ended up driving your partner away by your clinginess and insecurity?

Have you ever fallen in love with someone before you've even dated them and got jealous and upset when they go out with someone else?

If you answered YES to any of the above questions, then you really need to read the rest of this web page. I strongly believe that this information could well be life changing for you....

Success Story: Bridget S.
"I feel the daily emails have helped me become the true DIVA I am!"

"Hi. I'm Bridget, a single, divorced mom of two boys and I can honestly say I had no idea of what the dating scene was like this new decade because I married my high school sweetheart.

Therefore after growing apart and remaining good friends I decided to take on the dating scene from that point I was called sheltered, needy, too nice, weak etc.

These adjectives came from girlfriends and guys that I dated. I stepped back and said wait a minute I need help! How can they say these things so started by googling how to deal in relationships, how to communicate, what men like in women. Meet Your Sweet and Mirabelle Summers name came up and I signed up for daily email.

OMG! What a Blessing! I can honestly say I have 'Balls' now! Lol! My relationships and friendships are great. Men call me now instead of me calling them everyday! I feel Meet Your Sweet's daily emails have helped me become the true DIVA I am.

I love being in control instead of allowing it to control me! That's what I have learned! Thanks so much Meet Your Sweet!

- Bridget S.
(Charlotte, NC)


WARNING: If You Lack Self Confidence Out Of Fear, Then This Will Keep You From Believing In Yourself And Will In Turn Keep You From Succeeding In Attracting a Great Partner And Having A Healthy Relationship!...

When you're not self confident, then you get nervous and act differently at times when you feel stressed or need to be at your best. For example on a date, or when you talk to someone you're attracted to.

If your confidence betrays you at these vital times, then you may well struggle to make your life turn out the way you want it to. Confidence is attractive, and without it, it's difficult to attract a really good catch.


People base their assumptions of you on what they know of you. That's why first impressions can be so hard to change. If that's all they know of you, then as far as the other person is concerned, that image they have in their head of you IS YOU.

So if you meet someone you are attracted to and act nervous, fumble your words, and run out of things to say. Then as far as the other person knows, you are someone who is nervous, fumbles their words and runs out of things to say.

Of course a little nervousness with a smile can be endearing and can even help you, but if you can't let your best self shine through soon and if you end up getting so nervous that you just want to get out of there, then it's hard to see that person you like ever be attracted to you.

Also, it's really unfortunate that people may assume from your shy or nervous behavior that you simply don't like being around them. They pick up on your discomfort. They may end up becoming quite negative towards you as a result, because they think that you've rejected them first—when in reality you just didn't know what to say or do.

Lucky for you, my book is going to change all that.... You'll find out how to overcome ALL of the following anxieties:

Anxiety that you may never be able to attract and keep the kind of person that you REALLY want. If you've ever felt this kind of anxiety then you'll know PRECISELY what I am talking about. It plays on your mind all the time.

Anxiety that the person that you want isn't interested in you, or is interested in someone else. If you've ever been through this kind of mental struggle, then you'll probably also be aware that it often becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy that could well turn out far different if you didn't create all this internal tension by playing these mind games with yourself. Find out how to stop these anxious thoughts and how to replace them with positive ones!

Anxiety about what to say next. Do you ever suddenly freeze up when you're around a person who you're attracted to? Perhaps you get the exact opposite and talk too much, too fast. Either way, I'm going to show you how to be yourself and wash the anxiety away when talking to the opposite sex.

Anxiety about what you look like. Do you worry that you don't look attractive enough to attract a hottie? Do you feel like you can't attract the person of your dreams until you lose x pounds? Or until you get a tan? I'm going to show you how to feel great, exactly as you are, because attractiveness comes from within first!

Most importantly.... 

By reading my book, you'll become a person who enters a relationship WHOLE without needing someone else to 'complete' you (you'll be looking for someone to 'complement' you instead). This is one of the most powerful and special characteristics that you could possibly offer to a relationship. The self confidence that I want to impart on you will make you a more balanced person who is able to manage the challenges and negotiations that a relationship will bring.

Success Story: Inga B.
"Your advice works miracles!"

"With the help of the newsletters, and later on the purchase of Supreme Self Confidence, I started to discover and build myself afresh. Little by little my perception of relationships and happiness in general changed dramatically.

I remember I was devouring every word which gave me an insight into a man's mind as well as the realisation that I have to create a happy and fulfilling life myself, not expecting that a guy or anyone else for that matter will do it for me.

Reading your Supreme Self Confidence books I literally began to transform in a matter of days and months.

Encouraged by the wise advice in your course, I also bought the books you recommended and read all of them. I have changed and matured, and became more sure of myself and more self confident in 4 months than I have in my whole life

Your advice works miracles. Learning about self worth and concentrating on my happiness and abundance mentality has done me wonders. Now I see handsome men everywhere. I will flirt with them now and then, and my online dating life could not be better - I think I found my soulmate on a dating website.

I feel so powerful and in control of my dating life now. So things are going great - I am enjoying my life so much now! I am reading Slade Shaw's book "Supreme Confidence" at the moment - very inspiring!

There is such good information in all your e-books, reports and newsletters that I will have to come back and re-read them from time to time. It is so hard to take it all in! :)

So thank you Meet Your Sweet for your brilliant work again and for changing people's lives for the better!"

-- Inga B.
(Co Durham, UK)

Here's A Sample Of What 'Supreme Self Confidence' Covers....


What to do when you have a worrying or fearful thought in order to minimize its negative influence over you. Hint: Don't do this - One technique that's sure to make the problem worse is to try to suppress your fears and concerns. If you try to tell yourself, "There's nothing to worry about, don't be so silly," you can actually make your fears worse!


Do you suffer from fear of rejection? I show you how to use this fear for your benefit, so that you'll never let it stop you from starting a conversation with someone you're attracted to ever again!


Discover the 6 challenges to personal confidence , how they manifest themselves, and most importantly, how to release yourself from their stranglehold on your life.


Find out ineffective methods of becoming self confident that many people try to employ, so that you don't waste your time trying them. Some of these techniques can actually make your confidence worse!


See case studies of 6 individuals who turned their lives around through raising their self confidence. Be prepared to be inspired!

  Do you find yourself constantly stuck in repetitive negative mental dialogue going on in your head? Perhaps you are stuck in this state and don't even realize it! I show you how to stop this in its tracks so you can take control back over your own thoughts.

The one thing that you're probably doing instinctively that can ruin your self confidence and prevent you from taking healthy risks... AND how to get rid of this so that you don't prevent yourself from doing what you really want and need to do in life.


You'll soon be able to confidently start a conversation with someone that you've never met before.


A simple, but powerful technique to silence your mind when it is in a state of worry.


How to make decisions confidently, without constantly changing your mind... And how to handle the consequences of the decisions that you make, whether they turn out to be right or wrong. This is not only powerful information for relationship and dating situations, but is invaluable for your decision making skills in business also.


How to demonstrate leadership and feel comfortable in the decisions that you make (a very attractive quality!)


Sometimes your mind will deceive you into believing that someone is right for you, when your inner self (and your friends) know that you're wrong... use this simple test to find out!


Do you allow other people to push your buttons and make you react in a negative way? It's time that you put a stop to this... for good! You'll learn from me how to take control of yourself and your life. This will have an INSTANT impact on attractiveness to the opposite sex.


A simple plan for figuring out what kind of person, physically and emotionally is right for you.


The 5 qualities that you should aim for in order to make good decisions.


Why we care so much about what other people think. And how to stop yourself from instinctively taking comments or opinions of others personally.


And that's just the tip of the iceberg! You'll also learn....


How to bounce back when you suffer a confidence crisis as a result of a traumatic event (such as a break up, affair, getting fired, death, and so on).


Have you ever allowed someone you are attracted to, to control you, because you thought it would make them more attracted to you? Unfortunately this can often DESTROY their attraction for you completely. Find out from me how to change your emotional responses so that you can be your BEST self at all times... and sometimes that means disagreeing with the person that you like!

  Has an outside influence on your life turned it upside down? ... I show you how deal with this traumatic situation and how to re-plan your future for the better!

Do you prefer to avoid confrontational situations? I show you how to become comfortable with them and how to learn to use them to your advantage, on your own personal path towards self-growth


The key to letting go of any bad relationship experiences that you have had in the past that may be preventing you from attracting a great new someone, right now.


How to stop getting angry at yourself and how to focus on what you already do well.


Part of self confidence comes from knowing what your direction is in life and that it is a powerful one. Sometimes that is easier said than done. Discover how to define a path for yourself that is equally exciting and healthy.


Ever noticed your thoughts telling yourself something negative that you don't like about yourself? Imagine each of those thoughts as like a rock weighing you down. Now imagine what you'd feel like if you instinctively told yourself positive thoughts instead of these negative ones... it'd be like attaching balloons to yourself. You'd be flying high, capable of anything you set your mind to. Great news, I show you how to change your thought patterns so there are many more positive ones... This will have a DRAMATIC EFFECT on your life!


How to stop comparing yourself to others and start living your own exciting life!

  Learn how to live, breath and feel a level of confidence that includes knowing yourself, being committed to growth and being unafraid of vulnerability.

Criticism can be as devastating as a physical attack, so it's no wonder that our first reaction is often physical. We freeze, our muscles tense, a sick feeling strikes our gut, our cheeks redden, our heartbeat quickens, and we drop our gaze. Discover my essential 4 step plan for how to respond to criticism, so that you become comfortable with it and know how to make it work to your advantage!


Discover my simple, but powerful formula for becoming more personally confident today!


Social Confidence: Learn ways to unlearn your past behaviors and unlock the potential within you by developing new strategies for developing a social identity, self-confidence in the way you look and feel about yourself, the art of making and holding conversation with anyone you meet, and discover tips for handling and overcoming any embarrassing situations that you encounter along the way!


Ever wished that you felt more comfortable talking to large groups of people? I show you how with training and perseverance, you too can develop your skills to become a confident socialite, always knowing what to say and how to handle any social situation!

  How to choose a powerful and exciting path and direction in life, and be happy with it!
  Everyone who strives to achieve success takes risks along the way. But why do some feel paralyzing fear, while others a sense of adrenaline and excitement? Why are some unaffected by the outcome, whereas others define themselves on it? I show you how to make risk taking (within reason!) an exciting and powerful asset to your life. You'll become a more confident and attractive person as a result... guaranteed!

How do you react when you don't get your own way? Do you get angry and frustrated? Do you go into a rage? If you experience getting this upset when you don't get your own way, then you need to learn how to fix this right now. I show you how!


Sometimes your emotions can get the better of you and can seem very unattractive from the outside. Find out how to stop getting taken over by strong emotions and how to demonstrate your social awareness in a positive way.


I Want To Have Self Confidence Success
Right Now!

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PayPal & Credit Card Orders


Wow, that's a lot of amazing information...
....But it's STILL NOT ALL!

You're also going to find out:


3 strategies that most women use to get men to commit that KILL attraction and reduce their chances of a long term relationship with the man they want (the sad thing is society teaches women to play these manipulative games). I show you the mindset and strategies that DO work.... positively and non-manipulatively!


The attitude that you MUST have when you get caught in an embarrassing situation. Demonstrating this kind of character, even when you are blushing, will make you MORE attractive towards the opposite sex and will actually make your date more fun.


Self confidence has a lot to do with being comfortable in the way that you look, and in being comfortable in your own skin. I show you how to dress to impress, no matter what your body type, and how to use body language to walk into rooms with style and panache.


Soon you'll be able to confidently start a conversation with someone that you've never met before.

  Find out how to be a better conversationalist by recognizing other people's non-verbal signals.

Stressed about being stuck for things to say? One way to reduce this stress is to have some fun stories about yourself, others, and also topics at your fingertips to talk about. We show you how to construct your own 'backup' set of great conversation 'routines' so that you'll always have something great to talk about.


Overcoming shyness: In this section, I'm going to explain exactly what shyness is and what it isn't. I'll explain how others perceive shy people — the findings may surprise you. Finally, I'll review some of the most common solutions for overcoming shyness.

  Another vital aspect of conversation is developing the skill of being able to keep the conversation flowing, while developing rapport and laughter with the person who you are talking to. You'll learn how to talk to the opposite sex and how to keep good conversation and banter flowing naturally. Plus I show you a powerful 5 step exercise for enhancing your conversation skills.

You'll be able to take charge of your own enjoyment and entertain others in conversation.


Does the idea of flirting make you nervous? You're about to learn how to enjoy flirting and chatting people up


Find out the easiest way of taking the plunge to make a date with someone.


Discover how to re-program your mindset so that you feel comfortable and confident in the way that you look.


We spend a huge amount of time at work, so it makes sense that the events which transpire there (and the impressions that those events leave upon our conscious and subconscious minds) have a lot of say in how good we feel about ourselves. Discover how to skyrocket your confidence in your professional life and see that confidence help boost your personal confidence levels also.


Let's say you're about to give a speech. You're going to be speaking to a room full of people – it's a board meeting at work, maybe. Feel anxious? Great news, you're about to discover how to deal with this anxiety and nervousness in the best possible way.


A powerful 4 step plan for dealing with anxiety in high pressure situations.


How to negotiate a higher salary when applying for a new job, and how to negotiate a pay rise in your current one!


Are your inner thoughts getting you down? Can't stop thinking negative thoughts? Find out how to stand up to your own inner critic.


Discover the real reason why people you like don't return your phone calls. I know an easy solution that will get your calls returned more often.


A simple way to stop yourself from losing your cool at times when 90% of people never figure out on their own (the great thing about this is people that you are attracted to will be MUCH more likely to see you as a long-term prospect if you do this)


Your attitude and body language probably communicates 'needy' and 'clingy' to the opposite sex without you even knowing it! ... Discover how to remedy this situation so that the person you are interested in FEELS that you are their best possible choice that they MUST be with.


How to build your own personal identity and charisma so that the opposite sex will be attracted to the real you.


What to do when you get nervous when it's time to get physical.


How to make members of the opposite sex see you as a really good catch that they absolutely "must have". They'll want to do twice as much for you by doing this... and NO this doesn't involve manipulation.


How to deal with anger in such a way that actually builds confidence and character.


A powerful 3 step method to transform your already successful relationship to exciting new levels of love and connection.


SWOT analysis: a highly effective strategy for analyzing your own personal strengths and weaknesses, which will show you which parts of your character you can play up and which you might like to work on a bit more.


Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), a formal therapy for building your confidence levels.


You have to get in touch with your masculine side if you're a man, or your feminine side if you're a woman, if you're going to attract members of the opposite sex. I show you how with my 10 essential tips for men and 10 essential tips for women.


How to give complete trust to your partner, or let them go if you really can not trust them.


Find out how to be just as happy when you are single as you are when you are in a great relationship. Adopt this mindset and the opposite sex will find you infinitely more attractive.


Stress: how it affects your confidence levels, and what you can do both physically and mentally to relax.


How to build specific, achievable goals, and why this is important.


I take you step-by-step through building greater sexual confidence over three important sections. First, you'll learn how to break any old habits that are sabotaging your sexual confidence, such as your fear of rejection. Then, you'll learn how to unleash your sexual energy by delving into your masculine essence if you're a man, or your female essence if you're a woman. Finally, you'll put this self-assurance into practice in dating and relationships, by learning what it means to take a confident stance on your romantic expectations and standards.


The two things that you must do to overcome anxiety when starting conversations and meeting people.

As you can see, I've gone to every effort I possibly can to ensure that this is the BEST POSSIBLE guide for you to raising your dating and relationships self-confidence to unstoppable levels!

You're going to be a confident, attractive, magnetic person that makes others feel good when they are around you!

And there's still more.

In order to twist your arm and get you to take the plunge today and order "Supreme Self Confidence in Dating and Relationships", I've decided to include two high value SUPER BONUSES.


Here Are The Details Of Your SUPER BONUSES....

Super Bonus #1: How To Achieve Mastery of Your Inner Game

Learn from our exclusive discussion with one of the world's foremost dating experts (I'll keep their name a surprise). You'll learn how to achieve amazingly high levels of self confidence in your dating life.

You'll also learn other fantastic tips relating to dating and relationships success. I'm really excited about this; it's just like getting to tap into the brains of a dating genius.

You're about to gain an unfair advantage in the world of dating and achieve unstoppable self confidence when it comes to the opposite sex!


Super Bonus #2: Master Your Confidence Through Overcoming Shyness

Self-hypnosis is one strategy that has been used with major success to re-program people's subconscious minds into following new, more productive and life enhancing thought patterns. In self-hypnosis, you open your mind to suggestions that reflect the desired attitudes or behaviors you wish to have.

Basically, you unlearn the negative scripts that mentally trip you up in social situations. You replace them with powerful, affirming statements that are then reflected in more socially confident behavior.

In this self hypnosis track, you'll program your mind to overcome shyness and become that self confident person you want to be.

To use this audio track, simply sit or lie down in a comfortable place where you can listen to the program without being disturbed. Do NOT listen to this track while driving or operating machinery, as you will be asked to close your eyes. You will remain fully awake and conscious throughout the entire experience. Please note that self-hypnosis is not suitable for individuals with a history of epilepsy or mental illness.


I Want To Get My Self Confidence Secrets Plus Bonuses Today!

Access "Supreme Self Confidence" TODAY for a super-low $47!

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PayPal & Credit Card Orders


It's time to wrap this up now....

So, you've seen all the awesome value that is provided in my 178 page ebook. You've seen the fantastic value in my Super Bonuses.

But what does the "Supreme Self-Confidence in Dating and Relationships" ebook + bonuses cost?

Some people believe in giving $200 value and charging $400 for it. Others believe you should get what you pay for, for example give $200 value and people should pay $200.

I'm more of a believer in exceeding expectations. I want you to gain so much value from my book (+ bonuses) that it feels as though your life wouldn't have been the same had you not come across it.

It's hard to put a price on that kind of value.... But other home study courses on other topics sell for $297 and more.

I'm not even going to charge half that, I want to give you significantly more value than the price of the product, and with that in mind, I've decided to price "Supreme Self-Confidence in Dating and Relationships" at a very affordable price of $47.


AND I'm going to remove ALL of the risk from your purchase by giving you my UNCONDITIONAL MONEY BACK GUARANTEE.


My Unconditional Money Back Guarantee

You're probably wondering... What's an unconditional 100% money back guarantee?

I'm allowing you full download access to "Supreme Self-Confidence in Dating and Relationships" and if you don't like it, you can get your money back. guarantee

That's my UNCONDITIONAL MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. You simply fill in your credit card or Paypal details and you get to access the members area and download "Supreme Self Confidence" PLUS all the super bonuses right now in less than 5 minutes. You can go through the entire product, evaluate it and if you don't like it, you have up to 60 days from your date of purchase to get a full refund.

That means that if you don't like the product for any reason, you can email us and we will give your money back.

That's how confident I am in what I have to offer you. I'm sure that once you read and start implementing what I have to offer you, it'll be so beneficial to you and your dating/relationship life that you'll be glad to pay $47 for it.

PLUS, even after you are billed your one-time payment of $47, you still have up to 60 days to gain a full refund from us if you are dissatisfied for any reason.


5 Good Reasons to Buy Supreme Self Confidence Right Now:

Within a few minutes from now, you can gain instant download access to this course and find new ways to overcome anxiety and be your best and most confident self. You will be able to apply the mindsets and methods in my 184 page guide to make significant breakthroughs in your personal, social, and sexual self confidence!
2316 other people have used Supreme Self Confidence to overcome vulnerability and fears that limit their success. Once you have developed strategies for overcoming your fears and building confidence, you will become a success story like so many of my customers who have written to me. It's your turn to become a self confidence success story!
From all my years of research studying human behavior I've learnt one important thing: If you really want your achieve powerful breakthroughs in the way you interact with friends, colleagues and love interests, you have to treasure every opportunity that is presented to you. This is one of those opportunities. Is this moment going to be a turning point in your personal development? Let me help!
If you act TODAY, you're guaranteeing yourself that you'll receive the super-low $47 pricing, plus 2 Super Bonuses. This is to ensure that your whole range of scenarios and situations can be answered clearly and confidently, once and for all.
With your instant money-back guarantee, there is literally NO RISK for you. If you aren't satisfied for ANY reason, or it doesn't live up to your expectations, just send me an email and I will refund your payment. Right up to the final week of my 8 week (60 day) guarantee.

So there you have it, go get your instant access right now!...


Yes, I want FULL download access to "Supreme Self Confidence In Dating And Relationships" right now!

  • I get access to "Supreme Self-Confidence" and all its secrets for a one-time payment of $47.00!

  • I also get full access to the Super Bonuses as part of my purchase.

  • If I am unsatisfied for any reason, I can get a refund by sending Meet Your Sweet support an email (I also have up to 60 days to receive a full refund)


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Thank you for your time. If you apply the methods in my book and listen to the advice in the bonuses, then I have no doubt that this will have a life changing effect on your self confidence in dating and relationship situations.

Success Story: Jon P.
"...to this day I haven't looked back."

"Firstly let me say thank you for all of the information, coaching and determination that you have provided me with since purchasing your "Supreme Self Confidence" course.

About 7 months ago my wife dropped the bombshell that she no longer loved me in the same way and that she wanted to separate. My world fell apart.

Then I registered for the Supreme Self Confidence course and to this day I haven't looked back. In fact I look forward to my regular updates from the ultimate "love guru"

The course really has given me a taste of what lies out there and the
inside track on how to get it and keep it.

Each of the parts to the course highlighted different areas to focus on, and I am astounded at how much of the information I have read has been proven in my interactions with females since.

The course opened my eyes on how to gain a woman's attraction by simply being"a man" and not a doormat who has to buy affection. Again from speaking to truly beautiful women since, the confirmation of Slade's theories by them has been unbelievably accurate.

Through the lessons learned, I have been able to regain my confidence and now actively seek out opportunities to converse, meet and spend quality one on one time with women who I would have never believed would be attracted to me.

As an additional bonus I have also found that my new confidence levels
have also been transferred into my professional life. I have taken that
decision to take on a new job and feel that without my new found
confidence I would have achieved none.

I can honestly say my life is so much better now thanks to the Slade and all of his advice, support and coaching."

-- Jon P.
(Stockton on Tees, UK)

I can't wait to hear your success story and hope that you'll tell others about my product after you experience profound results!

Your friend,
Slade Shaw

Author: Supreme Self-Confidence in Dating,
Relationships & Social Situations


P.S. In my experience very few people choose to take action on something when they don't act on it right away. With that in mind, if you don't take action right now, where will you be in your love life 6 months from now? What will your self confidence be like in 2 years from now?

P.P.S. Don't forget you get to access "Supreme Self-Confidence" in as little as 5 minutes from now AND you can cancel within 60 days of purchase if you aren't satisfied. I've made it easy for you by taking all the risk myself because I believe in my course and the value that it'll give you.


"I literally began to transform in a matter of days!"


"Reading your Supreme Self Confidence books I literally began to transform in a matter of days and months.

Encouraged by the wise advice in your course, I also bought the books you recommended and read all of them.

I have changed and matured,and became more sure of myself and more self confident in 4 months than I have in my whole life!"

-- Inga B. (Co. Durham, UK)

"Unbelievably accurate!"

jon p

"The course opened my eyes on how to gain a woman's attraction by simply being
"a man" and not a doormat who has to buy affection.

Again from speaking to truly beautiful women since,the confirmation of Slade's theories by them has been unbelievably accurate.

Through the lessons learned, I have been able to regain my confidence and
now actively seek out opportunities to converse, meet and spend quality
one on one time with women who I would have never believed would be
attracted to me."

-- Jon P. (Stockton on Tees, UK)

"...has to do with the level of professionalism!"


The best benefit that I have got from Meet Your Sweet is just realizing that not all of the downloaded ebooks that you can get online are scams, and they're not poorly written by people just to make money. This one is very comprehensive, it's very in-indepth, and it's really written in a tone that anyone can understand.

The difference between Meet Your Sweet and the other courses that I have purchased online, has to do with:

* The writing.
* Has to do with the level of professionalism. These are obviously written by professional counselors, where as some of them are written by pick-up artists, or some random person.
* The focus on yourself."

-- Mark Goudy (Marietta, Ohio)

"...helped me become the true DIVA I am!"


"OMG! What a Blessing! I can honestly say I have 'Balls' now! Lol!

My relationships and friendships are great. Men call me now instead of me calling them everyday!

I feel Meet Your Sweet's daily emails have helped me become the true DIVA I am.

I love being in control instead of allowing it to control me! That's what I have learned! Thanks so much Meet Your Sweet!"

-- Bridget S. (Charlotte, NC)

"This is the best I have seen..."

"Slade, you rock! I have spent a lot of time and money on internet books and this is the best I have seen for self confidence.

You really believe in this stuff and it shows when you read it. I refer back to your book almost every day when I need guidance or just a few reassuring words.

You keep it real for us guys that want to overcome their fears around women and achieve real success."

-- Jim G.
(Jacksonville, FL)

"Your book is a gift to single women!"

"I am a typical single mother who finds it difficult to approach and meet men. After years of being on my own and looking after my son, I decided to re-enter the dating scene.

I was paralyzed with fear as nothing looked or felt familiar, so your Supreme Self Confidence course was a real godsend.

Since then I have learnt how to relax and enjoy myself around men and have even been on a few dates. That would not have been possible without your help.

Your book is a gift to single women and women who want to overcome their fears."

-- Patricia J.
(San Francisco, CA)

"...they change lives!"

"I want to thank Meet Your Sweet for giving guys hope. Your books are professional, easy to read, and best of all they change lives. I was frustrated with my lack of success in life until I found your course.

Now I am going from strength to strength, and it's all down to the techniques and strategies that have become my new personal mantra. Thanks."

-- Hudson M.
(Concord, NH)

"above and beyond what I expected!"

"I was hopeful when I purchased your Supreme Self Confidence course, but it was far above and beyond what I expected.

Your books are well presented, concise, well articulated, and relevant. Thanks for restoring my hope in love and dating."

-- Barb R.
(Barstow, CA)

"Thanks Slade!"

"My boyfriend and I want to thank you for what you have taught us.

We both struggled with self esteem issues and let them get in the way of our happiness, to the point that we nearly broke up. Then we looked on the internet and got your Supreme Self Confidence course.

We have learnt how to communicate and talk openly, and we recently shifted in together, so things are going well.

Thanks Slade!"

-- Amy and Joe A.
(Grandview, WA)